19 d’octubre de 2016

Els éssers mitològics de la Terra moren degut a una misteriosa malaltia

Títol: Among the Unseen
Autor: Jodi McIsaac
Saga: The Thin Veil - 3
Pàgines: 260
Puntuació:  ☺☺☺☺

(Aquest llibre forma part d'un propòsit que em vaig fer: llegir cada dia una mica en anglès, coses essencialment diferents del que llegeixo normalment, posant l'atenció en el vocabulari i en les expressions utilitzades. A més, em vaig fer el propòsit de dir què m'havien semblat aquests llibres també en anglès. Així que demano amb antelació perdó pels errors que segur que hi haurà).

In this book, like in the previous two, the accion starts in the first pages, and it keeps you hooked all the book.

I have really loved the new kinds of Unseen (the magical creatures in the Earth), and I have suffered for their lives, specially for the life of Bridghid. Bridghid started as a character I didn't like in the first book, to evolve to a very strong and deary one.

 But there are three things in this book that I didn't like:

 1. The obsession of Cedar with clothes. Really. I don't really care if she is wearing a dress or jeans. Why is it always talking about the clothes she is wearing (and no one talks about Finn's, or the other people?)

 2. When they go to Aasgard, they face some problems. I was waiting for a big battle, or something that went for some pages. But it was over in a few lines. I felt that it was all so easy.

 3. The more important thing is the one related to humans leaving in Tir na nÓg. In the first book, Lorcan dies because he becomes human and he ages some centuries in a moment. But in this book, we find that humans can live in Tir na nÓg for centuries and, if they return to the Earth, they only start aging as if they wouldn't have spent any time in Tir na nÓg. In this case, Lorcan wouldn't have aged and he wouldn't have died. It was a little annoying.

 Anyway, I liked the book, and I want to read the prequel, to know more about Cedar's parents.