21 de març de 2017

Una parella s'apunta a un concurs per perdre pes

 Fat Chance
Autor: Nick Spalding
Saga: -
Pàgines: 289
Puntuació:  ☺☹☺

(Aquest llibre forma part d'un propòsit que em vaig fer: llegir cada dia una mica en anglès, coses essencialment diferents del que llegeixo normalment, posant l'atenció en el vocabulari i en les expressions utilitzades. A més, em vaig fer el propòsit de dir què m'havien semblat aquests llibres també en anglès. Així que demano amb antelació perdó pels errors que segur que hi haurà).

Even when this book is unrealistic and full of clichés, it has its amusing moments.

Zoe and Greg were gourgeous when they were younger, but they have started eating a lot of food and leaving exercise, so they have become obese. They enter a competition in the local radio, where the couple who loses more percent of mass in six months wins a lot of money. 

The book is a series of journal entries written by Zoe and Greg, where they explain us their weight loss. The book is easy to read, and it is funny in the way the main characters explain their problems, but...

Both Zoe and Greg start with diets or exercises they found on the internet. It's good that in the book they reflect that these things doesn't work. But they end up running 1 hour/day or just "eating equilibrate", and they lose 30 and 40 kg in six months respectively, which is more or less one third of their original weight. I think that anyone who has been in a diet anytime would think that it is not realistic. Even more when they end in a healthy weight after loosing so much weight and after commenting a lot of things, there is no reference to flaccid skin.

But, anyway, this is a small book that you can read in a few hours. It requires no effort and you may have a good time reading it.