30 de juny de 2015

La més rica i el més pobre?

Títol: Do opposites attract?
Autor: Kathryn Freeman
Saga: (no)
Pàgines: 320
Puntuació:  ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺

(Aquest llibre forma part d'un propòsit que em vaig fer: llegir cada dia una mica en anglès, coses essencialment diferents del que llegeixo normalment, posant l'atenció en el vocabulari i en les expressions utilitzades. A més, em vaig fer el propòsit de dir què m'havien semblat aquests llibres també en anglès. Així que demano amb antelació perdó pels errors que segur que hi haurà).

 It has been a long time since I read a romantic book. They are foreseeable and do not usually catch my attention, but in my search for the bargains in the kindle store, I found a cover that caught my eye:

 So I started reading what I thought it would be a painful and boring book, the ideal book to read only a few pages a day. However, the plot is interesting enough in the first pages of the book, that introduce Brianna, the only descendant of a wealthy family, and Mitch, a doctor that seems to become from a very poor family, that we don't know about. Even being so rich that she doesn't have to work, Brianna wants to find a place in the world, and ends up in a medic camp after a natural disaster, where she meets Mitch. And, of course, as this is a romantic book, everyone can imagine what happens.

 After this first part, the plot goes to London, where Mitch continues being very rude with Brianna, and you know he has some issue with rich people. This part (which is the central part of the book) is exasperating. Is Brianna really abiding this? Who would do it?

 And finally, I guess it's the same in all romantic books, there is a critic accident, someone is about to die and the story behind Mitch is explained. I have to admit that in this last part I was really hooked and ended the last third of book in only one day.

 So, all in all, it seems that it is a good romantic book, if a romantic story is what you want.

 Next book in "learning" English: Through the door. Ok, it's fantasy. But it's based on Celtic myths...