21 de gener de 2017

La Lia es converteix en caçadora

Títol: The blight of Muirwood
Autor: Jeff Wheeler
Saga: Legends of Muirwood - 1
Pàgines: 466
Puntuació:  ☺☺☺☺☺

(Aquest llibre forma part d'un propòsit que em vaig fer: llegir cada dia una mica en anglès, coses essencialment diferents del que llegeixo normalment, posant l'atenció en el vocabulari i en les expressions utilitzades. A més, em vaig fer el propòsit de dir què m'havien semblat aquests llibres també en anglès. Així que demano amb antelació perdó pels errors que segur que hi haurà).

I think that this book is better than the first one in the series. It may be that now I know about the world and the style of the author, but I have enjoyed it from the first sentence of the book.

It is the story of Lia and Colvin, and how their relationship is evolving. I don't usually like books that are only love stories, but this book has some story and the love story is only part of the book. And I also like the strength of Lia, who is not the typical girl in love, but that she sometimes is stronger than Colvin. I have really loved when Colvin comes to her for help, and I really liked how they bear their own oaths and commitments.

It is also interesting the story of Scarseth, who is again a bad guy in this book. But the worse guy is Dieyre, who you end up hating with all your hearth.

The final part of the book tells us some of what is going to happen in the next one: Lia has to find Marciana, and Colvin and Hillel have to inform about the Blight. I hope that the new book would be as good as this one!