10 de maig de 2016

La Lia viu aventures a Muirwood

Títol: The wretched of Muirwood
Autor: Jeff Wheeler
Saga: Legends of Muirwood - 1
Pàgines: 300
Puntuació:  ☺☺☺☺

(Aquest llibre forma part d'un propòsit que em vaig fer: llegir cada dia una mica en anglès, coses essencialment diferents del que llegeixo normalment, posant l'atenció en el vocabulari i en les expressions utilitzades. A més, em vaig fer el propòsit de dir què m'havien semblat aquests llibres també en anglès. Així que demano amb antelació perdó pels errors que segur que hi haurà).

 I must admit that Ineeded some time to be caugth by this book. I was not interested on it until Almager appearead. It tells the story of a wretched (a girl that was left on an abbey when she was born and nobody knows who are they parents) that lives in Muirwood. She is different from the other wretcheds, and her highest desire is to learn to read. She can perform magic, something that only noble people can do after years of study, but she has learned to do it by herself.

 One night a man comes to the kitchen where she works with a wounded man. He is a maston, from a noble family. He is cousin of the king, but he wants to dethrone him. He ends up being a young maston, which is not of age, and he is more afraid than he wants to show.

 When Almager comes to the abbey searching for the man (Colvin), we discover that Lia is special (ok, like in many books) and she is from a noble family.

 Lia and Colvin then have to scape from Almager, and Lia is going to know more about her past... with some big questions still to answer.

 The book is amusing and I'm looking forward to the next book in the series.